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Reading Gives Us Someplace to Go... Poster

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Khyrs Greco has some really cool free library posters on here TPT site. I chose one to print, color and frame for our little library area.

This is the perfect little poster for our little library!


  • paper (cardstock, if you have it)

  • printer

  • colored pencils/markers

  • frame (optional)


First download and print the poster from Khyrs Greco's Teachers-Pay-Teachers page (it's free):

the finished colored poster, framed and on the wall

First download the poster from Khyrs Greco's Teachers-Pay-Teachers page (it's free):

I think the poster looks great as-is and in color, but I decided to print it on my laser printer in grayscale instead. I used cardstock so it would be a little more durable for coloring and framing.

Then I colored...and colored... and then colored some more! I started with colored pencils and added some blue highlighter marker over the top of the clouds to fill them in a little better. I had originally wanted to use some different colors, but I was limited by the colors of the fancy colored pencils I had, lol. I think it turned out ok, though.

I purchased an inexpensive teal frame from Michael's. Then I removed the mat (the 8"x10" frame with a mat for a 5"x7" photo was the least expensive option) and framed the poster.

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