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L-I-B-R-A-R-Y wooden letters wall decoration

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

I finally thought of the perfect sign to use for our new library area that doesn't take up too much wall space.

This colorful "LIBRARY" sign helps define the area.


  • wooden letters, about 5" tall

  • acrylic craft paints

  • paint brushes

  • 3M strips or whatever else you want to use to stick the letters onto the wall with

  • yardstick ruler (optional)

  • pencil and eraser (optional)


the finished letters, painted and on the wall

We (the kids and I) are turning a small corner area of our hallway into a kids' "library" so there will be more room to store extra books, board games and puzzles. Plus now there's another new fun space in our home!

I purchased pre-painted white letters to spell out L-I-B-R-A-R-Y from a local arts and crafts store. The ones I used are each about 5" tall.

The kids and I painted the letters with acrylic craft paints and medium-sized brushes. Each letter needed several coats to get a good solid color. We left the backs of the letters mostly unpainted since they don't really show at all. I placed the letters on a sheet of waxed paper to dry and moved the letters around slightly from time to time so that any wet paint wouldn't stick to the paper.

A wooden yardstick came in handy for measuring out where to put the letters on the wall. I marked horizontal lines with a pencil: 5" of vertical space for each letter and 2" of vertical space for in-between each letter (approximately).

I chose to use water-resistant "bath" strips from 3M to stick the letters to the wall. One of my kids and I carefully stuck the letters onto the wall, using the pre-marked lines as a guide. Unfortunately, since I didn't leave any parts of the strips showing (the parts you use to remove the strips cleanly from the wall) the letters probably won't be easily removable without causing damage to the wall. And, ironically, it's also fortunate that the letters probably won't be easily removable since little kids will be playing in the area, lol. To finish up, I erased all of the pencil lines from before.

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