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Fun and easy Christmas chain decoration!

This Christmas decoration is fun and easy to make and only requires a few materials. Little kids can help and older kids can probably even make this by themselves.

We made our Christmas chain really long to go across two areas of our house!


  • red and green construction paper

  • scissors or paper-cutter

  • glitter glue (optional)

  • makeup sponge wedges (optional)

  • stapler with staples

  • optional: 3M hooks and small pieces of ribbon for hanging up the finished chain


The kids & I put glitter glue on pre-cut paper strips.

I used a paper-cutter since I already had one handy, but the strips really don't need to be cut very exactly, so a scissors would work fine. You can make the strips any size. I cut green and red construction paper into 1-inch strips (across the shortest width of the paper).

Glitter glue is optional of course, but it does add some cool sparkle. The kids and I added glitter glue (clear, red, green, etc.) to just one side of each strip. We used triangular sponge makeup wedges (seen in the lower right corner of the picture) to spread the glitter glue across the paper strips more evenly. We set the strips out to let the glitter glue dry for a while.

After the strips dried, I formed the strips into circular loops with the glitter on the outsides and used one staple to hold each one together while interlocking the loops. I used a mini stapler with standard staples to hold the interlocking loops together. I'm wondering if green or red staples would look even cooler?! We tried regular glue to hold the strips together at first, but that didn't hold.

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