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Colorfully painted wooden coloring and activity pages tray

Need a place to put extra coloring pages and worksheets for your kids to use whenever they're bored? Make a colorful wooden tray just for that purpose and keep it somewhere where the kids can easily reach.

DIY colorfully painted wooden tray for coloring and activity pages


  • wooden tray box (slightly larger on the inside than a standard piece of printer paper)

  • waxed paper

  • masking tape

  • acrylic craft paints (the glossy kinds work better, although I used matte too)

  • paper plates or plastic artists palettes

  • paintbrush/es

  • optional: oil-based paint marker (for painting top edges)

  • optional: coloring & activity pages or paper and a printer for printing some out


This colorfully painted wooden tray will hold lots of coloring pages!

First buy or make a wooden tray with the inside dimensions slightly larger than a standard piece of printer paper, if you're planning on using coloring and activity pages printed out from the internet. Sand any extra rough edges of the box with fine-grained sandpaper.

Prepare your work surface by placing the waxed paper over wherever you're planning to paint at (I used our kitchen counter, of course) I taped the waxed paper corners at the corners with masking tape too, so the waxed paper wouldn't slide all over the counter and fall of onto the floor as easily.

Paint the box with white paint as a base (if desired) and let the paint dry thoroughly. Then paint all of the sides of the box with colorful acrylic craft paints. You can use one color or more than one. I recommend taping of the edges of the sides you've already painted with masking tape before moving on to a new color. You can leave the bottom of the wooden box plain white, since probably nobody will really see that part. Or paint it another fun color if you'd rather. I decided to paint the bottom of our tray in a light purple, just because. Remember to use masking tape to mask off areas for different colors if you would like a neater color transition.

Let the paint dry and fill the colorful wooden tray with lots of coloring and activity pages and worksheets that you print out! Done!

See some of my other posts and my Pinterest page if you'd like some ideas for great free coloring and activity pages to print out.

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