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Colorful wooden alphabet letters mobile (Part 2)

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Are you looking for a fun and educational decoration for the kids' area? Look no further! You can make your own alphabet-letters mobile at home.

The letters were white to start with, but we painted over them with lots of colorful craft paints.


  • wooden alphabet letters

  • waxed paper

  • optional: masking tape (to hold the corners of the waxed paper in place)

  • optional: paper plates

  • acrylic craft paints

  • small paint brushes

  • drill with 1/16 in. drill bit

  • string

  • optional: clear glitter craft paint

  • optional: oil-based paint markers (for embellishments)

  • optional: nail polish (for embellishments)

  • optional: some more stuff, lol

How-To (Part 2) - Attaching string to the letters and finishing the mobile.

The strings have been attached to the letters

I attached extra long clear strings (elastic beading cord for the small letters, which I tied around each letter and knotted) (fishing string - I put one end through the hole I drilled in each larger letter in step one, then tied a tight knot). Turns out the knots - especially in the fishing line string don't seem to be staying very tightly knotted, so I might have to try something else. attaching string to the letters and finishing the mobile. I left all of the strings extra long to allow plenty of room for length adjustments while assembling the mobile.

This is optional, but I tied all of the letters to some standard white plastic hangers so I could see them all clearly and they wouldn't be as tangled. Also the elastic/stretchy beading strings were crimped from having been wrapped around the flat rectangular shaped packaging card. I'm hoping the small weights of the letters and time with reduce or eliminate the crimping.

A week or so later... no the elastic beading strings didn't straighten out by themselves. I used a hair dryer to blow warm/hot air specifically onto the crimped sections of each string. The strings have now straightened quite a bit; good enough I guess! Next time I would definitely buy some elastic beading string that's rolled around a spool instead of wrapped around a flat piece of cardboard. But I did have this elastic already on hand so I didn't end up having to spend more money.

Still not done with this alphabet letters mobile, lol!

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