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Another Reading Gives Us Someplace to Go... Poster

I chose this coloring page poster (designed by Kara at Happy Go Lucky) to print, color and frame for our little library area.

This is the perfect little poster for our little library!


  • paper (cardstock, if you have it)

  • printer

  • art chalk/colored pencils

  • workable fixative spray (optional)

  • frame (optional)


First download and print out the poster (it's free) from Kara's Happy Go Lucky blog:

I used colorful art chalk to start with

I used cardstock so it would be a little more durable for coloring and framing and printed it out on my laser printer so the ink wouldn't smear.

I started by coloring over the white areas with art chalk since I thought it would be fitting and had some left over from a scrapbooking project. I used a brush (similar to a blush makeup brush) to sweep over the chalked areas to get the extra chalk dust off. This resulted in what my son calls a glow effect ("But how do those letters look like they're glowing?"or something like that) around some of the words when the chalk dust spread a little into some of the black ink areas.

the finished poster, colored and framed

To keep the chalk from smearing while I worked some more, I sprayed the picture with a workable fixative (in a well-ventilated area) and let it dry for about an hour.

When the fixative was done drying I colored lightly over the chalked areas to fill in some of the extra light or white spaces. After that, another coat of fixative.

I purchased an inexpensive white frame from Michael's. Then I removed the mat (the 8"x10" frame with a mat for a 5"x7" photo was the least expensive option) and framed the poster.

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